Why do we use ThingSpeak?

By | 28. June 2018

Beekeepers can register for a free account in ThingSpeak and create a channel for each colony. The decision to use ThingSpeak as a central web service to store the measurement data has proven to be correct. In addition to the obvious reason that beekeepers should not rent web space and that ThingSpeak is free, other advantages have emerged. These include the fact that ThingSpeak is closely linked to Matlab – a mathematics and statistics program. Therefore reports, diagrams and evaluations can be created very simply and partly automated. Especially in the scientific field, the flight behaviour of the bees should be analyzed, this can bring advantages. But also the possibility that other visualization applications offer interfaces to the ThingSpeak API is an advantage. This allows particularly complex dashboards or web applications such as “Grafana” to be enriched with HoneyPi measurement data. In addition, the so-called swarm alarm – a notification in case of weight loss – could be implemented with ThingSpeak and Matlab without having to perform a routine on the Raspberry Pi. In the first plans for HoneyPi, a separate central web server, which stores the measured values, was planned. ThingSpeak, on the other hand, takes care of access management and data management for our project and also offers enough resources for free accounts to use the full range of functions of HoneyPi.

Translated 28.07.2019 by JK

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4 thoughts on “Why do we use ThingSpeak?

  1. Pascal


    habt Ihr mal ein Beispiel, wie man Grafana mit Thingspeak nutzen kann? Ich kann leider kein Plugin für Grafana finden, um auf die Daten bei Thingspeak zuzugreifen.


    1. Brian

      hab mich gestern dran gemacht das ganze ins Grafana zu ziehen.
      Ich hab mir ein Python Script gebaut dass die Daten aus Thingspeak rausholt und in eine MySQL Datenbank schreibt.
      Von da holt sich grafana die Daten.

        1. Brian Barnhart

          die unsaubere Variante hab ich hier:

          Da muss noch massiv aufgeräumt werden ^^, final wollte ich das ganze so basteln dass man von HoneyPi aus direkt die Daten in eine mySQL schickt (oder für die Heimanwender das ganze aufm Pi 3 läuft)


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