The article “Firmware” contains all information about the firmware.

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plannedSupport of
* several ThingSpeak channels
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in workBug fixes from v0.1.1
v0.1.1 (current version 🔥)
Download 📥Release posting ✉ (now includes a list of all known bugs and workarounds)
Download 📥Weight measurement:
* Outliers are better avoided
* Temperature compensation now possible (optional)
* Negative measured values simply change to positive (inverse)
* Pushbutton optimization:
* The button must now be pressed for at least 1 to 3 seconds to switch between maintenance/measurement mode.
* New sensors:
* MAX6675 and MAX31855
* Further improvements:
* Default Gateway
* Upgrade Raspbian Lite
* Debug mode for the log of successful data transfers, etc.
* Bugfix when importing settings
* Maintenance mode available in English and German
Download 📥Release posting ✉
Download 📥Release posting ✉
  • Plug n’ play the sensors:
    • Connect sensor ⇒ Configure sensor in maintenance mode ⇒ Done. No programming required.
    • Multiple breeding chamber temperature sensors are possible.
    • Flexible expandability with additional sensors
  • Adjustable measuring interval/ transmission interval
  • Immediate real-time transmission of measurement data
  • Use of ThingSpeak as a central web service:
    • Free data storage (up to 8 measuring fields per beehive)
    • Swarm alam (e-mail notification in case of weight loss)
    • Diagrams and dashboards with live measurement data
  • Integrated maintenance mode that pauses measurements. Triggerable with built-in pushbutton.

Android App

The HoneyPi Android app can be installed from your smartphone in the Google Play Store. Just click on the banner below to go to the store entry of the HoneyPi app:

HoneyPi-App jetzt bei Google Play

iOS- and Web-App

The HoneyPi dashboard for iOS and all other operating systems. The application has been implemented as a Progressive Web App (PWA) to be accessible from any browser on any type of device.

➡ Here to the application.

Alternatively, we recommend the ThingView iOS app. Unfortunately, this is not from us.

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