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A twittering hive scale? Yes, no problem with the HoneyPi. In this category you will find everything about “Smart Device”. Among other things: Swarm alarm, theft notification and push notifications via IFTTT.

Part 2: Creating Individual Diagrams with MATLAB Visualization

By | 1. June 2019

Individual graphical displays can be generated using predefined examples or generically, assuming basic knowledge of programming with MATLAB. In principle, the data is read in using readAPIKey, ChannelID and FieldID, then edited if necessary and finally visualized with the plot command, for example. Click on the “Save and Run” button to execute the code and… Read More »

Display push notifications on your phone

By | 24. March 2019

This article shows how you can easily receive push notifications from your smartphone using the HoneyPi Android app and ThingSpeak. You can configure which ThingSpeak channels and fields you want to receive notifications for and under what conditions. This allows you to react quickly when you receive a notification that the hive’s weight is higher… Read More »

Visualize and analyse measurement data

By | 1. February 2019

The HoneyPi measurement system uses the ThingSpeak platform to store the data. ThingSpeak is open source and specializes in storing all measurement data from the Internet of Things. The nice thing about it is that the whole thing is completely free of charge and can be done without special technical know-how. In addition, ThingSpeak offers… Read More »

Notifications via ThingSpeak and IFTTT

By | 27. December 2018

Instruction If, for example, you would like to receive a message or notification on your smartphone if the weight falls below a certain level, you can set this up quite simply by using the following services: at through the services “ThingHTTP” and “React” in interaction with the available service “WebHooks” Preconditions: You are… Read More »