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Firmware v1.0 (coming soon)

By | 9. February 2020

Aktuell noch im geschlossenen BETA Test. Wird veröffentlicht, sobald alle Fehler behoben sind. Neue Features und Verbesserungen Mehrere ThingSpeak Channel können angelegt werden, um mehrere Bienenstöcke mit einem Raspberry Pi zu messen. Wird der Raspberry in einem Heimnetzwerk betrieben, so bleibt er nun gleichzeitig damit verbunden, auch wenn er den Wartungsmodus startet. Das bedeutet die… Read More »

Community: Building a case with 3D-Printer

By | 21. January 2020

Thingiverse is a platform where models can be uploaded for 3D printing. To do this, you can design a shape with a modeling program and then “print” it in plastic with a 3D printer. Some hobbyists already have their own 3D printers at home. Otherwise, there are also online services that take over the printing… Read More »


By | 6. January 2019

HoneyPi gets even better! But we need your help. Give us feedback and contribute (maybe your own Raspberry Pi extensions). Our goal is to offer you a simple solution. Therefore there are continuous improvements: To-Dos for the upcoming firmware version ☑ An operating mode without Internet connection. This means that the measurement data can be… Read More »

Firmware v0.0.4 (outdated) – with new features!

By | 11. November 2018

The new firmware version has been released in the meantime. Under “Downloads” you can download version v0.0.4. Bugs, inconveniences and errors in v0.0.3: When using the WLAN: WLAN network must not contain any spaces. BME680 from Blue Dot must be tested again. Solution why BlueDot’s BME680 doesn’t work: With Blue Dot you have to connect… Read More »

News about the Android App

By | 30. September 2018

The Android app for visualizing your measurement data can now be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Just click on the following banner to get to the store entry of the app: For iOS users: As described in this article, there is a so-called Progressive Web App (PWA). With this application it is… Read More »

Video tutorials

By | 30. September 2018

To improve our instructions we have shot short video tutorials. In the following our tutorial playlist is embedded: Translated 11.08.2019 by JK

HoneyPi soon available for all beekeepers

By | 27. July 2018

After we finished HoneyPi as a university project in July, there will soon be documentation and downloads on, such as firmware and app. Some instructions have to be written. Stay up to date by following our Facebook page: HoneyPi in the news of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) Karlsruhe: Planned milestones: ✓ Upload… Read More »