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Breeding chamber temperature sensor (DS18b20)

By | 28. June 2018

The DS18B20 or DS18S20 is used as the outdoor temperature sensor. These temperature sensors measure the temperature quite accurately and can be placed inside the hive with a cable. The DS18B20 differs from the DS18S20 in that it is already equipped with a long waterproof cable. For simplicity’s sake we use the DS18B20 directly and… Read More »

Internet connection via Surfstick

By | 28. June 2018

Compatible Surfsticks Huawei E3531i-2 [25€ at Amazon] Huawei E303 [20€ at Amazon] If there are other models compatible, please send a comment or a mail to so that I can add the model to the list. If you have a WLAN network within reach of your apiary, you don’t need to buy a surf… Read More »

Load cells

By | 28. June 2018

Good load cells can also be taken from personal scales or kitchen scales. One example is the kitchen scale “IDEENWELT digitale Küchenwaage” from Rossmann, which has a capacity of only 5kg and therefore too small. A bee colony should be able to measure a range between 50-150kg (depending on the weight of the hive). The… Read More »