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Firmware v1.0 (coming soon)

By | 9. February 2020

Aktuell noch im geschlossenen BETA Test. Wird veröffentlicht, sobald alle Fehler behoben sind. Neue Features und Verbesserungen Mehrere ThingSpeak Channel können angelegt werden, um mehrere Bienenstöcke mit einem Raspberry Pi zu messen. Wird der Raspberry in einem Heimnetzwerk betrieben, so bleibt er nun gleichzeitig damit verbunden, auch wenn er den Wartungsmodus startet. Das bedeutet die… Read More »

Community: Building a case with 3D-Printer

By | 21. January 2020

Thingiverse is a platform where models can be uploaded for 3D printing. To do this, you can design a shape with a modeling program and then “print” it in plastic with a 3D printer. Some hobbyists already have their own 3D printers at home. Otherwise, there are also online services that take over the printing… Read More »

4x Half Bridge load cells

By | 3. May 2019

This article shows the wiring of cheaper “half bridge load cells” (YZC-161E). Such half bridge weight sensors are available on Ebay partly even together with a HX711 for only 9€. On Amazon they cost about 13€ 🛒 Quality At constant temperatures, these sensors work okay, but these cheap sensors show a so-called temperature drift. This… Read More »

Connecting sensors without soldering?

By | 1. February 2019

Each Raspberry Pi has 40 PINs to which sensors can be connected. This can be done simply by using connectors such as the “jumper cables”, which cost just a few cents. The sensors can be plugged into a so-called “breadboard”. A basic package can be found on Amazon 🛒 (The package just as a clue,… Read More »

Building a scale frame

By | 1. February 2019

Many beekeepers see the greatest challenge in the construction of the beehive’s weighing frame. As our picture gallery shows, there are many racks suitable for reproduction. In addition, our Facebook group also allows an exchange/trade among each other. In this article I would like to introduce the possibility to build your own scale rack. Otherwise… Read More »

HoneyPi iOS App

By | 1. February 2019

Currently still in BETA test. Therefore we are looking forward to your feedback. Besides our Android App we now also have an App for iOS devices. With the LIVE display the current temperature and the weight of the bee colony can be constantly checked from the smartphone. The “HoneyPi Dashboard” app runs as a web… Read More »

Visualize and analyse measurement data

By | 1. February 2019

The HoneyPi measurement system uses the ThingSpeak platform to store the data. ThingSpeak is open source and specializes in storing all measurement data from the Internet of Things. The nice thing about it is that the whole thing is completely free of charge and can be done without special technical know-how. In addition, ThingSpeak offers… Read More »


By | 6. January 2019

HoneyPi gets even better! But we need your help. Give us feedback and contribute (maybe your own Raspberry Pi extensions). Our goal is to offer you a simple solution. Therefore there are continuous improvements: To-Dos for the upcoming firmware version ☑ An operating mode without Internet connection. This means that the measurement data can be… Read More »

LED (optional)

By | 24. November 2018

Is the HoneyPi and measuring mode or in maintenance mode? An LED light integrated in the housing can provide information about this. The light will be on as long as maintenance mode is active. An LED can be connected to the GPIO21 (PIN 40). Once the maintenance mode is active, the GPIO21 will have approximately… Read More »