HoneyPi – beehive scale

HoneyPi – the smart beehive scale to build yourself. As uncomplicated as possible with user-friendly interfaces for PC and Smartphone.

To the original article: Our motivation and why at all a measuring system at the apiary?

The HoneyPi benefits at a glance

  • The cheapest and simplest do-it-yourself solution
  • Measurement of temperature, humidity, weight etc.
  • Live visualization of measurement data thanks to free ThingSpeak
  • No monthly fees, no own web server or something similar
  • Rebuilding of the measuring system even without IT knowledge
  • Intuitive user interface for configuration of sensors
  • Android App and iOS App for the view of bee colonies
  • Flexible expandability with additional sensors
  • Maintenance mode that pauses continuous measurements (by pressing a key)
  • Smart connections (theft & swarm alarm, IFTTT etc.)
  • Thanks to Raspberry Pi and open source system easy expandability with RaspiCam etc.
  • Independent power supply thanks to WITTY Pi Mini and solar panel
  • Contact person and helpful helper community (also on Facebook)
  • Many more features are planned! Stay tuned 🚀.

Thank you! For your always positive feedback.

A year ago I started beekeeping and thought about the possibility to build a bee scale with my Arduino. How am I supposed to say project stopped was too much expenditure for me. Then I came to your website and bought a Raspberry. After some difficulties, which all were to be solved by reading on your side, the balance runs now for 6 weeks.
Today I installed the new firmware in 20 min and am just building the 2 scales. The parts cost me about 120€ the load cell from Bosche was the most expensive. As switch for the maintenance mode a magnet switch is built in. Michael B. – April 2019

Thank you again for your work, hobby beekeepers like me can operate or own a stick scale to monitor their peoples!
Those in the trade are unfortunately for a small beekeeping too expensive and/or not profitable. I also send you a picture where the scales have found their place in my bee chalet! Hannes R. – February 2019

Great work you’re doing – the first smart bee scale that you can get to work as a non-IT person. I have tried a lot of things […] but everything is much too complex. With you it works better and easier – Honey Pi has the potential to become the standard among the stock scales 2.0…Martin M. – January 2019

Was thinking for a long time whether I buy a beehive scale and if yes which one. Only honey.pi convinced me of the costs. After I bought a Raspberry Pi Zero W for 14, 50€, the Bosche load cell for about 60€ and the AD-converter on ebay and some wires. I was actually under 100 €. The image could easily be copied to the SD card. I think who is not so fit with the PC can get the Image + SD card from honey-pi.de for a small contribution towards expenses. Plug the card into the Raspberry and let the system boot up 2 pins on the Raspberry bridge and I have Wlan and can set up the system. Very simple. First I was convinced by the price, then I was just thrilled. […] A beehive scale for > 200 € makes no sense for me as a hobby beekeeper. But in the end everyone has to decide for himself. I am very satisfied with honey-pi.deDaniel M. – January 2019

Also known from

“For the beekeeper, the weight of his hives is important. Almost everything can be checked without disturbing the bees. Whether the colony is developing well and whether they are all still there. The beekeeper can see whether unauthorized persons have been on the hive, whether it is too hot or too cold for the bees – or whether they are swarming.” Münchner Merkur

HoneyPi started at the beginning of 2018 as a study project at the Duale Hochschule Karlsruhe: https://goo.gl/64ALvG

We competed as team “Sensoright” at the Naturathon 2018 in Stuttgart and won the award for the “most innovative digital solution”:

D.I.B. Aktuell, Infomagazin. Auflage 2018-04 S.32


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